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A report news on "Caminhada pelo Coração"

By Duarte Gonçalves and Francisco Cruz, under the guidance of their
English teacher, Isabel Simões

Vilarinho do Bairro, 31/5/2023

Caminhada pelo Coração: Promoting Health and Community

The annual "Caminhada pelo Coração" organized by Vilarinho do Bairro's Elementary school took place for the fifteenth year, providing an enjoyable experience for students.

The event held on 31st of May aimed to promote physical activity, foster a sense of community and raise awareness about environmental issues.

The "Caminhada pelo Coração" is a highly anticipated event that offers various activities to engage students and promote a healthy lifestyle. This year, the participants unveiled their skills and took part in activities, such as, skipping rope, tug-of-war, sack races, and even had the opportunity to exhibit their vocal talents by singing their favourite songs.

The event organisers ensured a lively atmosphere by incorporating a diverse range of activities to keep the students engaged and entertained during the day.

One of the highlights of this year's event was the inclusion of an interactive activity evolving QR codes. Along the walk, students encountered QR codes that revealed individual letters. The ultimate purpose was to collect letters and form words or sentences. In this edition, the students successfully assembled the letters to spell out the mystery word correctly, adding an element of excitement and mystery to the event.

Throughout the event, students were encouraged to reflect on environmental issues and take steps towards a greener future. Parents, teachers and school staff were also invited to be there and they were delighted to see the students actively participating in the various activities.

The success of the fifteenth edition of "Caminhada pelo Coração" at Vilarinho do Bairro's Elementary School is just one of the commitments to create an inclusive and vibrant learning environment. By organising such events, the school nurtures the students' physical, social and environmental well building, contributing to their overall development.

As the day came to an end, the students left with fond memories, a heightened sense of community and a renewed commitment to develop their talents and take care of the world they inhabit.

Duarte Gonçalves & Francisco Cruz – 9ºA-VB

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